Site Clearance

We can offer a complete range of site clearance services that can either be part of an end to end demolition or earthworks project handled by Keaveney Contractors or a stand alone option.

Our well trained operators have the experience and skills necessary to clear vegetation, grubb out difficult roots and stumps or remove and dispose of top soil with either a hand stripping or equipment supported operation to meet the specific needs of your project and the working environment.

The removal of established Hedges and Trees are common requests and with our site clearance service we will ensure all unwanted material is disposed of in accordance with current legislation and health and safety considerations

A comprehensive Demolition and Enabling, Earthworks and Groundworks Service are also available to support your project.

To find out more about how we can fit into and help with your site clearance project please call 01233 621805 for an initial discussion.

  • Tree and Hedge Removal
  • Vegetation Clearance
  • Green Waste Disposal
  • Root Grubbing Out
  • Top Soil Stripping and Disposal
  • Stump Grinding